Monday, November 2, 2009

The Four Corners Defense Against The Straight - TFA Advance Defense

The Four Corners
Defense Against The Straight
(TFA Advance Defense)

Video summary:
Sifu Marcus Lovemore demonstrates the Transformational Fighting Arts advance defensive technique of the four corners defense against the straight.

Training Suggestions:
The challenge with this drill can be staying in the moment and trying to decide which of the two four corner you are going use before the punch happens, rather than just letting your hand and the attacking punch's position inform you technique. Anticipation is the death of the moment. Remember, although you are practicing a blocking technique, the TFA philosophy of your offense is your defense and you defense is your offense especially applies here. In fact, without the offensive component of this technique you will get hit by your partner's inevitable combinations. Try varring where your punch and don't get into a rut. Unconscious rhythm is the easiest telegraphic motion to pick up. Keep your partner guessing. You want to feel comfortable to punch anywhere the openings appear and not worry about focusing on picking up the attack because your hand does it on it's own. So remember, you only fight like you train.

Good training,
Sifu Marcus

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Sifu Marcus

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